• Innocent Hotwife, Despicable Boss, Outraged Cuckold: When a Workplace Meeting on Sexual Harassment is Taken to Shocking Extremes

Warning: Explicit Content. "The Hotwife Learns, Her Husband Squirms" Series.

Joey Carlson loves his wife, Brianna to the moon and back. Sure, he thinks she’s stunningly beautiful in every way. But equally important is that she lives by the same old-fashioned and deeply conservative codes of ethics and decency as he. And Joey greatly respects that.Well, all that decency comes to a screeching halt when, one day at work, they are called to a staff meeting by Pierre Cartier, CEO of the French-based lingerie manufacturer Chatte International. The topic of this meeting? Sexual harassment.

Since this phenomenon has been on the rise lately, Mr. Cartier has decided to ‘demonstrate’ various examples of sexual harassment so that the dirty-minded managers will know what behaviors to avoid and the female workers will know if and when their boss has crossed the line. And how does he plan to demonstrate? By calling a starstruck Brianna to the front of the room, offering her a hefty bonus in exchange for her cooperation, and having her play the part of his secretary!

Joey is outraged and appalled—not only because Mr. Cartier would even suggest such a thing, but because Brianna actually goes along with it! He is shocked that his sweet, innocent, and modest wife is willing to take part in such a travesty. But apparently, she is so flattered that such a handsome, refined, and masculine man as Mr. Cartier would choose her, and she is in such awe of him that she is apparently willing to participate. Not that she enjoys it. The things her boss proceeds to do are beyond lewd and humiliating. And yet, as the situation unfolds, she is growing increasingly aroused by everything her boss is doing to her in the name of employee education.

Yet, as outraged as Joey is, he’s finding himself growing at least as aroused as her. He can’t help it. Yes, he’s appalled. Yes, he’s jealous beyond comprehension. But seeing his wife’s luscious body being exposed and manhandled by another man is bringing to the surface feelings he never knew he was capable of feeling. Poor Joey is slowly being driven crazy as the action continues to heat up atop the desk in the front of the room. And the torture he’s experiencing multiplies tenfold when Cartier sends everyone from the room, including Joey, so that he can show her how a real man has sex with a woman. And the torture grows even stronger than that when he peeks in through a crack in the door and sees Mr. Cartier doing a far better job at pleasing Brianna than he ever could!

On the upside, Joey is not only being turned on just as much as his wife by what he’s seeing, but he’s also learning a whole lot too. And maybe that knowledge will come in handy—especially now that both of them have had their sexual appetite taken to naughty new heights! A hotwife smitten by her sexy boss. A husband appalled by his audacity. And a sexy CEO whose carnal urges know no bounds. Sounds like a recipe for a rollicking and naughty good time!


Maggie Maloney has been writing adult fiction and erotica for the past two decades from her stunning skyline apartment overlooking Manhattan's bustling Madison Avenue. With years of experience exploring the most trendy clubs, groups and parties on the East Coast, observing and experiencing the sometimes secret, sometimes not, desires of the wealthy, the connected, the famous, and the everyday men and women, husbands and wives, looking to expand the boundaries of sexual gratification.


Scott Ashey is a Rhode Island-based muscian, writer, and instructor with over 25 years' experience both onstage and backstage. He holds a BM from Berklee College of Music and has been leading musicians, professional and amateur alike, onto the stage since 1981.

Innocent Hotwife, Despicable Boss, Outraged Cuckold: When a Workplace Meeting on Sexual Harassment is Taken to Shocking Extremes

Author: Maggie Maloney

Narrator: Scott Ashey

ISBN: 9798886420890

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