• How To Dump A Guy: A Coward's Guide
If you're like most women, the mere thought of having to dump a guy makes you cringe. You agonize for weeks, whine to your friends, buy silly books on how to fix your dysfunctional relationship, and do just about anything to avoid confronting the issue.

But don't despair. How To Dump A Guy can help even the most cowardly women master the subtle art of ditching. It offers helpful and hilarious advice on everything from how to know when to go, to choosing a great exit line, to surviving post-breakup hysteria.

Plus: Special tips on dealing with Reject Addicts, Cling-ons, Sexual Savants, and other difficult-to-dump men.


Kate Fillion, author of Lip Service: The Truth About Women's Darker Side in Love, Sex, and Friendship, and Ellen Ladowsky, author of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis, have been friends ever since they realized they'd both dumped the same man. Collectively, they have thirty years' experience of dumping guys.

Laura Hamilton is a two-time recipient of ALA Notable Recording Awards and numerous Publisher Weekly 'Listen Up' Awards for her numerous audiobook narrations. Ms. Hamilton has also done video and radio voice-over work for such companies as AT&T Broadband, the Chicago Bulls, Busch Gardens and Chicago's world famous Field Museum. She lives in Chicago.


"A good addition to the self-help collection."

How To Dump A Guy: A Coward's Guide

Author: Kate Fillion, Ellen Ladowsky

Narrator: Laura Hamilton

ISBN: 9781593162504

SRP: $16.95

Length: 3:00:00

Item No: LL269

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