• For Men Only: How To Love A Woman Without Losing Your Mind
The woman a man loves is the single most important person in his life... But sometimes, loving her can drive him crazy. If you want a tongue-in-cheek look at men, women, cowboys and cowgirls, then this audiobook is perfect for you!

For Men Only is for every man who's finding out that love is confusing, frustrating, and sometimes downright impossible. It's for every man who's tired of hearing about what men should be, could be, and will be when they become enlightened, refueled, tofued, or generally more like women.

For Men Only is for every man who's in love, and wants to stay in love, but doesn't know the rules!


Joseph Angelo lives a modest, quiet lifestyle in upstate New York with his wife and children. For Men Only was the culmination of years at working at his typewriter and his marriage.

Danny Hizami has studied improvisation at the Groundlings Theater and has been a production participant in numerous television variety shows including the American Teacher Awards and the Academy Awards. Mr. Hizami is a 1991 graduate of Arizona State University.



"An upbeat title, For Men Only, is delivered with poise by Hizami. A good addition to the self-help collection."

For Men Only: How To Love A Woman Without Losing Your Mind

Author: Joseph Angelo

Narrator: Danny Hizami

ISBN: 9781593162337

SRP: $12.95

Length: 1:30:00

Item No: LL252

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