• An Audio Bundle: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks for Travel, Dating & Sex, and Work

Danger!  It lurks at every corner!  Volcanoes. Sharks. Pickup artists. Savage bike messengers. Keep this audio bundle on your phone, under the pillow, in the glove compartment, and anywhere else to help you survive the most harrowing predicaments—jam-packed with how-to, hands-on, step-by-step, instructions on everything you need to know to face the perils of travel, work or romance!



Joshua Piven, a resident of Philadelphia, is a computer journalist and freelance writer, and is a former editor at Ziff-Davis Publishing.   He has been chased by knife-wielding motorcycle bandits, stuck in subway tunnels, been robbed and mugged, has had to break down doors and pick locks, and his computer crashes regularly.

David Borgenicht, a resident of Philadelphia, is a writer and editor who has written several nonfiction books.  He has ridden in heavily-armored vehicles in Pakistan, stowed away on Amtrak, been conned by a grifter, broken into several houses (each for good reason), and has “borrowed” mini-bottles from the drink cart on delta.


Penn Jillette, who has been called the most wired magician on this planet, is the more gregarious half of Penn & Teller—the world’s most famous magic duo.  Since 1975, Penn & Teller’s award-winning theater show has been a long-running hit on and off Broadway.

Laura Hamilton is a two-time recipient of ALA Notable Recording Awards and numerous Publisher Weekly ‘Listen Up’ Awards for her numerous audiobook narrations.  A resident of Chicago, she has also done video and radio voice-over work for such companies as AT&T Broadband, the Chicago Bulls, Busch Gardens and Chicago’s world famous Field Museum.

Jeff Woodman has been named one of the "Fifty Greatest Voices of the Century" by Audiofile Magazine. On stage, he created the title role in Tennessee William’s The Notebook of Trigorin and won the S.F. Bay Area Critic’s Circle Award for An Ideal Husband.  He lives in New York City.

An Audio Bundle: The Worst-Case Scenario Survival Handbooks for Travel, Dating & Sex, and Work

Author: Joshua Piven, David Borgenicht, Jennifer Worick

Narrator: Penn Jillette, Laura Hamilton, Jeff Woodman

ISBN: 9798886422344

SRP: $14.95

Length: 7:22:00

Item No: LL777

Available on the following websites: Amazon, Apple, Audible, AudioBookStore, Audiobooks, Blackstone, Catalist, Epic!, Kobo, Libro.fm, Mackin, Overdrive, StoryTel, Tumblebooks.

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