• An Audio Bundle: What We Do For Love & My Boyfriend's Back

In What We Do For Love, Ilene Beckermen tells her funny, sometimes heartbreaking story that every woman who’s ever searched for love will recognize.  The First Crush.  The phone call that doesn’t come. The makeovers after the breakups.  And the exchange of marriage vows. Beckerman looks back on a lifetime of trying to find true love.  She remembers sneaking out of the house to neck with her high school boyfriend, dancing cheek-to-cheek with her first husband, and settling down with her second.  But even he is not the man of her dreams.  Through it all, Beckerman holds on to the possibility that there might be someone out there who’s just right for her.  And, as it turns out, there is. What We Do For Love is a moving, humorous reminder that when it comes to love almost anything is possible!

The former First Lady of New York writes of her reunion and subsequent marriage to her high school sweetheart, more than thirty years after their breakup, and chronicles dozens of similar reunions among couples nationwide in what experts call a twenty-first-century relationship trend. Poignant and heartwarming, My Boyfriend's Back captures the love story of former high school sweethearts Ed Oster and Donna Hanover-journalist, actress, and First Lady of the City of New York from 1994 to 2001-who, more than thirty years after their breakup at Stanford, reconnected, rekindled their love, and married, becoming part of what experts are calling a "twenty-first-century trend" in relationships. Exploring the myriad ways rekindled love is different from new love and why so many couples are reuniting now, Hanover also details the role of the Internet in this trend, and offers some recommendations-and some warnings-for aspiring "reunitees."

Accompanied by a wide array of other couples' stories from across the country-including celebrities Carol Channing, Suzanne Pleshette and Tom Poston, Nicole Miller, Liza Huber, and others-who have also rediscovered their early loves later in life and are building committed lives together, this book combines expert advice and inspiring anecdotes to help readers reconnect with past loves. Whether it's Googling an ex-boyfriend or attending a class reunion, My Boyfriend's Back encourages readers to find out whatever happened to the ex they can't forget; it is the book single, widowed, and divorced romantics everywhere have been waiting for.



Ilene Beckerman, author of the critically-lauded Love, Loss, And What I Wore, grew up in Manhattan with her older sister, Blossom, and her two best friends, Gay and Dora.  She is the vice president of an advertising agency based in New Jersey.

Donna Hanover is the former First Lady of the City of New York (1994-2001), an Ivy League-educated journalist, actress, and host of the nationally syndicated television program, Famous Homes & Hideaways, going into its fifth season. Previously, she was a correspondent and anchor for FOX's Good Day New York and WPIX-TV in New York, and TV stations throughout the country. She's known for the articles she's written for Good Housekeeping, her seven-year stint on The Food Network, and her roles as Ruth Carter Stapleton (The People vs. Larry Flynt) and Judge Deborah Bourke (Law and Order). She and Ed Oster married on August 3, 2003.


Kathy Garver is best known for her role as “Cissy” in the CBS prime time hit, “Family Affair,” one of the most enduring television shows of the 1960s.  She has also performed in countless films, including The Ten Commandments, Apollo 13, Parenthood, and Backdraft, and has narrated several audiobooks.

Donna Hanover, the TV host, journalist and actress, garnered the nation’s admiration for her dignified behavior as First Lady of the City of New York from 1994-2001.  Then single again, and building a new life with her teenage children, the phone rang one day and a voice from her past said, “Donna, its Ed.  Ed Oster.”

An Audio Bundle: What We Do For Love & My Boyfriend's Back

Author: Ilene Beckerman, Donna Hanover

Narrator: Kathy Garver, Donna Hanover

ISBN: 9798886422016

SRP: $14.95

Length: 6:55:00

Item No: LL751

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